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Information Regarding the Selkirk Rex Cat

Selkirk Rex is a feline breed that is quite unique in its appearance. It is not slight in its physique like other Rex cats nor is its fur sparse and short. Instead Selkirk Rex is a well built animal with a very soft and long fur. The coat rather resembles that of the American Wirehair. The pretty Selkirk is a result of a genetic mutation and was first seen in late nineteen eighties in United States. It was born in a litter of otherwise normal domestic cats in Montana. The unique looking female cat was recognized as having an individual appearance and bred to a Persian male. Presence of kittens similar in appearance to their mother in the litter confirmed the dominant nature of the transformed gene. Thereafter these cats were developed with intent and are now given the formal status of a distinguished breed in a number of cat fancier bodies.

Selkirk Rex is a very well built cat with good musculoskeletal development. It was bred from British and American Shorthairs as well as Persians and thus shares the physical and behavioral attributes of all these breeds. Head is round and overall body is heavily built. Coat is seen in both short and longhair formats and is arranged in a series of curls. All colors and patterns are accepted. In general it is quite dense and consists primarily of ringlets.

Selkirks are different from other similar cats in both their appearance and genetic makeup. They are different from Cornish and Devon cats in that their fur is longer and thicker. The coat is more lustrous than that of the LaPerm and softer than the hair of the American Wirehair. Also the nature of their genetic mutation differs.

Adoring and sweet cats, Selkirks quite resemble the British Shorthairs. They retain the calm and peaceful attributes of Persians and yet are energetic and playful like the Shorthairs. Cuddly and yet active, Selkirk personality is a near ideal combination of desired qualities. They are tolerant and patient cats who accept all family members into their adoring companionship.

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