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Let's Start With Using the Litter Box

Cats make great pets! They are fun to play with, have active imaginations, are natural clowns and usually want to be the center of your universe. Cats are also very loving, soft and cuddly creatures that purr a lot.

Cats are also low maintenance pets with the proper cat training. The ground rules are simple. When training a cat, you don't want them scratching up the house and you want them to use their litter box. These two are basic house rules.

Most cats take naturally to using the litter box to do their business. They are naturally inclined to want to keep themselves and area they live in clean. That is why it is important to keep that area properly maintained.

Keep the litter box clean. If you let the litter box become to full, your cat will begin to look around for other areas of the house to urinate and poop in. Because cats are clean creatures, they will not want to be jumping into a full box that is more than ready to have the litter changed out of the box.

Changing out the litter regularly will help minimize this type of problem of your cat looking around the house for another area. Don't over fill or under-fill.

It is just as important to give your cat the same privacy you would want when it has to do it's business. Find a secluded area for your cat to use.

Sometimes cats will not use the the box simply because of the oder of the cat litter. There are many different brands of cat litter on the market today that are scented. Most of us have seen the TV commercials of the fussy cat wanting to use the deodorized litter.

Most younger kittens already have the instinct to use the litter box once the kitten makes this connection. By setting up a small confined area with food, water, bedding for the cat, you can better control the house training.

Once the cat box has been established as the cat's area, all you should have to do is keep the litter changed out regularly to keep the area fresh. This is good cat training and owner training too.

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