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Litter Box Problems From a Cat's Point of View! Part 1

There are many articles written about cat's inappropriate elimination. These articles have been born out of the frustration of we humans trying to control the behavior of our furry friends. It is necessary for cats to understand the human world to some degree in order to co-habitat with us. Wouldn't it be great if it were possible for us to see a behavior from our own individual cat's point of view! Good news - it is! Welcome to the world of animal communication.

In this 3 part article I will share the opinions, thoughts and feelings that specific cats have shared with me on this subject. They have been as varied as the cats themselves. Each one has a unique story and it is fascinating to discover the reasons for their actions and work toward a solution for all.

My career as an Animal Communicator actually began because my cat, Soleil, was soiling throughout the house. It was a busy time in my life. I was married and working as an advertising agency business executive. My first course of action was to take Soleil to the vet. He kept her for the day to examine her and run tests. When I arrived to pick her up he told me that he could find nothing physically wrong.

He continued by telling me that he thought it was an emotional problem and we might benefit from the assistance of an Animal Communicator. He went on to explain that there were people who could communicate with animals to help us understand their actions. He suggested that I contact one of them. My mouth dropped open and I was dumbfounded. But I was also intrigued and felt that if the vet was actually recommending them, he must have seen results. He gave me 3 people to choose from and I made an appointment with Penelope Smith.

She came to the house and when she looked at my black cat Soleil told me that she was soiling to "settle" the ground the household. Penelope said Soleil was soiling because there was too much tension in the house. She was trying to relieve the tension...and the soiling was meant to do that.

She struck a nerve. It was true! My husband and I were not getting along. In fact, we had been to counseling for assistance but had not reached any resolution.

I was still not sure how to solve the cat's behavior problem, but it was adding to my stress and I wanted it to end.

My husband and I did end up getting a divorce. At that point Soleil stopped soiling in the house. This is a true story! I am not saying that if your cat is soiling that you need to get a divorce. It is just my story.

Throughout my 22 years of experience I have consulted with thousands of families where they are dealing with this same issue. I discovered that about 85% of people assume that cats who soil are angry and about 15% of people think their cats are doing this for attention. I've discovered that cats soil for various reasons and the resolution lies in discovering the cause.

There is no one reason that fits all cats. Some of the causes for this behavior might be:

1. A cat's desire to ground the environment when there is tension
2. A cat's desire to claim his or her territory when s/he might fear being abandoned
3. A cat's desire to go outside when s/he is not allowed
4. A cat's discomfort from a urinary infection
5. A cat's past experience of being spooked while in the litter box, perhaps due to a loud noise caused by an appliance or another cat jumping on them while using the box
6. A cat's desire to have a very clean box
7. A cat's desire to have his or her own litter box
8. A cat's dislike of new litter material

I'm sure there are a lot more reasons but these are just a few. So you can see how important it is to identify the reason why a cat is not using the litter box in order to successfully change this unwanted behavior. One of the main reasons for surrendering cats to a shelter is cats not using their box. So know that there is hope and this behavior can easily change, but we do need to know the cause and then it is up to the human family to carry out the animals' wishes.

So we now have an idea of some of the reasons why our cats soil, but in Part 2 of this article we will hear directly from the cat's mouth!

Carol Gurney is one of the most well respected Animal Communicators in the world. Please visit her website at

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