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Litter boxes are a common sight in the houses of those who have a cat for a pet. Also known as litter trays or sandboxes, litter boxes are the most utilized way of making sure cats only go to the toilet in the places an owner wants them to.

It is a natural process for cats to seek to relieve themselves in sandy soil or similar environment, and cats will normally bury their excrement in the soil. Litter boxes seek to replicate the soil and entice the animals to use the litter as alternative to the carpet or wooden floor. The litter box is filled with loose granular material, which can be brought from all pet stores, and many superstores. In most cases it is a form of recycled paper, or clay, as both materials absorb moisture and can be dug through by the cats. Most brought from the shop litter box filler will also have an aroma to mask the cat's waste products.

Litter boxes are easily made as it is just a box, and traditionally it has been made out of wood. Today though, most people will buy a cheap plastic variety from their local pet store. As time has passed though, more and more complex varieties of litter boxes have been designed. They have gone beyond open boxes, to become enclosed boxes that cats can walk into for privacy. Rather than privacy these enclosed boxes are better at keeping litter out of sight, as well as providing some control over any unwanted odors.

It should be remembered that litter boxes are not just for cats, and many other small animals can be trained to use them. It is quite common to see rabbits or other small mammals making use of a litter tray when they have the free running of the home. Cats are by far the easiest animal when it comes to training to use a litter tray but with patience other animals can be trained.

Litter boxes have also been designed for larger animals, and there are many litter boxes for dogs available to buy. It is possible to train a dog to use a litter tray although in general they do not have the same natural inclination to make use of the boxes as cats do. Whether it is worth buying special dog litter trays is debatable, most puppies and small dogs can easily make use of cat letter boxes anyway.

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