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Modern cat furniture is popping up these days in department stores, pet shops and online shopping sites. It has gone from being basic to very refined furniture that enhances many domesticated cats lives. They are pet smart designs for your little feline friend. Not only is it modern cat furniture but it also services a practical purpose. From condos, towers, scratching pads and post, to kitty litter boxes in unique shapes and designs, there seems to be no end of the interest and financial investment in our favorite little friend the cat.

At one time the dog had ownership of the collar. No longer now cats have interested neck pieces that not only are colorful but useful. At one time the cat did not suffer the same fate as their canine counterpart but now more and more are finding a collar around their dainty necks. These collars can be basic to breakaway buckles for safety. They come in a large assortment of colorful designs.

Towers window perches, condos scratching pads and posts, ertical perches provide levels for playing, relaxing, and observing, especially those who are strictly indoor pets. At one time cats roamed in and outdoors but the modern cat owner wants their kitten protected and safe. These types of furniture not only provide a relaxing spot for your kitty but give him the needed exercise that will keep him healthy for years to come.

Shelves are able hold multiple cats, it is typical for a single cat to claim a shelf as his or her own. This gives a cat some personal space away from the rest of the group and home in general. Providing your cat with a perch upon which he or she can look around and rule his or her domain as only a cat can.

Not only has furniture changed for mankind as time goes on, but also the needs of cats have been analyzed and designs for our indoor companions have been researched to the point that a huge array of mechanize has be developed to make lives easier for both cat and the owner. As time goes on more and more modern cat furniture will be designed to meet that need and we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Blueprints for furnishings will be available more and more as time goes on. Keep watching the internet, your local malls and the local pet stores, I am sure if you are a true cat lover you will always find that refine piece of furniture your cat will love.

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