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New Trends In Cat Accessories

There's always been a certain air of bulkiness and ugly familiarity of conventional cat care products. Lately, there's been a craze sweeping across cat lovers to make cat products as unique and stylish as their owners. Of course, quality and durability is essential to withstand even the toughest cat. Here are some fun products, from beds to litter pans, that your cat will love using and you'll love looking at!

The stylish Feline Lotus Cat Furniture set looks more like a work of art than a multi-tiered cat lounger and bed. It has two flat tiers, and a wonderfully designed third tier that's gently curved for kitty comfort. At the bottom, it comes with a huge scratching pad and a spacious privacy bed.

To top it off, this cat furniture comes with an extra-durable mahogany, birch or cherry finish. These wood finishes are neutral enough to match any furniture color scheme and actually add to the stylish value of the room!

Cats always needs fresh clean water. In the past, cat owners have always been baffled as to why cats gravitate towards running water to drink. The key to this is basic water chemistry. The longer water sits, the lower the pH becomes as it loses oxygen, and the more sour water tastes. By using the Vet Ventures Drinkwell Pet Fountain, which circulates water and also passes it through a carbon filter, you provide the freshest and most natural tasting water possible. Keeping more than one in separate rooms makes sure you never run out of water for your kitty! It can also hold up to a gallon of water, plenty for even 3 or more cats.

Tired of keeping your kitty's ugly plastic bulky litter box hidden away in a closet? Now you can incorporate the often awkward litter box into stylish end tables! The "Refined Feline Litter Box" comes in a regular size and a larger size (to support automatically cleaning litter boxes). It looks like a stylish simple table, and it comes in mahogany, birch or cherry. It has two opening doors on the front and a nicely sized cat entrance on the side.

This trendy litter box is also highly functional. With your cat's litter box being enclosed as it is in the Refined Feline Litter Box, odor and tracked litter will be minimized or even eliminated. The trays slide out for cleaning and it also has a storage drawer for convenience.

The days of boring old cat products are out! These new products are a treat for your cat and you to enjoy and admire!

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