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No More Litter! Cat Toilet Training

Most cat owners believe it's imperative to have a litter tray for their cat to stop them from messing in the house. This is not true. Litter trays are often cumbersome things, that live in a corner somewhere, and unless they have a lid on your cat will inevitably kick litter out, leave little presents in it when you've got guests around and no matter how many times you clean it they still smell.

There is a simple way around this - simply get rid! If your cat uses a litter tray, it will have been using it since it was a kitten, usually learning how to use if from their mother. And because they've been so used to using a litter tray for so long, you'll have to take little steps, bit by bit, to get your cat used to the idea.

First of all, if you wish to toilet train your cat in this way, do it during the summer. Cats will generally spend a lot more time outside when the weather is warm, and it will be encouraging to your cat.

The first steps you will need to take is to move your cat's litter tray from it's original position, to a position need a good exit. Use which ever exit in your house you care comfortable with, don't use the front door if it's next to a main road, or put it next to a door with a cat flap in it. Make sure you show your cat where the litter tray is so as to avoid any mistakes. You'll need to leave it there for a few days so your cat gets used to it.

The next step is a very small one, simply put the litter tray on the other side of the door. When you've done this, again show your cat where it is, if you have a glass door, you'll be able to shut your door as your cat will see the litter tray and will meow when it needs to go out. However if you have a normal door when you cat cannot see through it, it's advisable to leave your door open, again this is another good reason to try this during the summer.

Once your cat is used to the idea that the litter tray is outside, you need to start thinking about the litter. The likely hood is that, you've always used the same types of litter, whether it be paper, wood or silicone based. To get your cat used to using earth as the toilet, then you'll need change the texture of the litter in its tray. An easy way to do this is by gradually adding earth to it's litter until you cat is completely using litter. Do this over a few weeks, you'll probably find your cat will like the earthy smell, you can use compost if you have no earth or are worried about what it might contain.

Once your cat is completely using the earth instead of litter, you'll need to think about moving the litter tray again. Gradually start moving it away from the door, if you have a garden, start moving it to wards a wall or fence.

Then that's all you really have to do, soon you'll notice that the litter tray is clean and is no longer being used. That's the time to remove the litter tray completely as your cat will have lost interest.

Without the litter tray in your house any more, you'll need to be in a position to hear your cat or get a cat flap fitted. As you can guarantee that your cat will want to go out to use the toilet during the night, but if your cat has been out during the day, this probably won't happen until your about to get up anyway.

So train your cat to use nature as its toilet and you'll cut down on nasty smells, horrible cleaning jobs and best of all, your cut your shopping bill!!

Written by Laura Marsh. Did you find this information on cat care useful? For more great information about caring for your cat visit

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