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Pet Urinary Tract Infections - UTI Solutions

Pets can also contract urinary tract infections, much like humans do. Most likely, cats are more prone to bladder infections than dogs and these could have a debilitating effect on the felines mobility and overall systemic health. If you have previously received treatment for an infection of this sort and endured all the related discomforts, imagine how much more painful this condition would be for a little kitty; to urinate amidst a buildup of crystallized urine passing through its tiny urethra.

At a glance, it would be difficult to determine if poor kitty is suffering from a bladder infection, much less notice the minute urine crystals discharged. Should you suspect a UTI condition, you could buy a urine pH test strip and administer it at home over a sample of your cats urine. Nevertheless, bladder infections can be directly observed through the aberrant actuations of your pet that constitute as symptoms to this disease. Symptoms may appear as gullible as the repeated self-licking of genitals; frequent urination that is more indicative of the infection; and the more obvious symptoms of pain while passing urine and in case cloudy or bloody formations become discernible over urine. Whatever the case may be, these symptoms are telltale signs of a bladder infection that should signal an immediate trip to the veterinarian for immediate consultations. Otherwise risk the complications that would go from a simple loss of appetite, to fevers and acute infections.

It is common practice to administer antibiotics to kill the bacteria-causing infection spawning within the confines of your pets bladder or kidneys. Yet recent medical findings reveal how prolonged use of anti-bacterial drugs can disrupt the delicate balance of your pets immune system in the course of providing relief. When this happens, poor kitty may not fully recover from the infection to instead suffer the ordeal of recurring UTIs throughout its lifetime.

Homeopathy is a fast rising, alternative treatment to synthetic drugs that is proven safe and effective for the treatment of your pets disease, even for prolonged medication. You might want to try herbal remedies such as Berberis Vulgaris with its potent extracts acting as naturally occurring anti-bacterial agents that not only stunt the growth of bacteria but also enhance the immune function. The Arctostaphylos uva ursi is another popular herb used as an antiseptic that is known effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Nowadays, herbal remedies are conveniently available through bottled medications. To obtain the therapeutic benefits contained with the abovementioned herbs, one could try a product such as a PetAlive UTI Free. Makers claim it is safe, free from undue side-effects and completely cures urinary tract infections in both cats and dogs.

Consider clearing your pets bladder infections the natural way and help your cat purr its way back into health.

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