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Ragdoll Cats - Ten Fast Facts

Are they alien hybrids? Or were they genetically modified? These are but two of the myths regarding the biological origins of the Ragdoll Cat; the cat that goes limp as a ragdoll when handled. Here are nine more "fast facts" regarding the Ragdoll cat:

*The Ragdoll cat breed is neither an alien hybrid nor a result of genetic modification; they were in fact created in the 1960s by Ann Baker; a Persian cat breeder of California, through a program where she selected cats with the appearance and temperament she wanted and then bred them to enhance those characteristics.

*Ragdolls are available in 6 different colours; Seal, Chocolate, Flame (red), Blue, Lilac and Cream. These colours appear in 4 different patterns; Pointed, Mitted, Van and Bi-colour.

*All Ragdoll cats have strikingly beautiful blue eyes.

*Ragdolls may live up to 15 years. They are only fully grown after about 4 years, at which males can weigh up to 20 pounds, making them one of the worlds largest cat breeds.

*The Algonquin Hotel in New York City keeps a female Ragdoll cat named Matilda in their lobby; she even has a signature cocktail in the hotel bar!

*The presenters of the CBBC TV program "Blue Peter" have two Ragdoll cats - One named "Socks" and another named "Cookie".

*Ragdoll cats are an exceptionally gentle, quiet and relaxed breed. They will rarely use their claws, so should not be allowed outside alone as they will not defend themselves if attacked.

*Unlike other cats Ragdolls enjoy and even seek out human company. They are known to follow their owner around the house and be waiting at the door to greet you. This together with their tolerance toward children and strangers make them the ideal feline companion.

*Sometimes called "puppy-cats", they are somewhat dog-like in that they can be trained; both to play games such as "fetch" and to walk on a leash. Certainly not your ordinary cat!

Lilandi Scheepers, a cat enthusiast, recommends you visit Ragdoll Cat Secrets for breed specific care & training tips for your Ragdoll Cat.

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