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Stop Cat Scratching - Helpful Techniques

Cats are among the most endearing creatures on the planet, we love them to bits. Their unique personalities allow them to walk into our lives unannounced and simply take up residence within minutes. Ask anyone who has ever been adopted by a roaming cat, that one day decided to walk onto your property.

One thing we, as owners, seem to forget time and time again is they are only half domesticated. Put aside all that cute cuddly fur for one moment, forget about them rolling around in front on the fire. When kitty decides to strike, it hurts and sometimes it can be fairly messy. Cats have got two sets of claws, ones for playing around the house with and ones for ruthlessly taking down pigeons and chasing away others daring to wander onto their territory.

A cat will always have at least some tendency to scratch. Stopping your cat from scratching you is something that can be learned if and when the time comes.

The face push technique can come in very handy if Mr kitty decides play time is over and fancies 'a piece of you'.

Do not over use this technique to stop cat scratching because not only will it lessen the effects, if used over and over again, it may really get his back up and turn him against you on a semi permanent basis. Timing is the key here, catching him in the moment will have far more impact.
Wait for a time when your cat is getting quite wild and is lashing out. Simply give him a firm yet gentle nudge in the face, accompanied by a stern "NO". This technique will not only get his attention by stopping him, it will, if used correctly, form a lasting type of aversion therapy.

Remember, although this is a good technique to stop cat scratching, do not over use it as it will ultimately do more harm than good.

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