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Stop Your Cat Scratching Once and For All

Like most pets, it is important to remember that while cats are domesticated to a certain extent, they still have many of their natural instincts left over. That's why they prey on mice and other animals, and also why they can scratch.

Some owners have taken the drastic step of de-clawing their cats if they scratch too much. I am very much opposed to this, as I believe no animal should have something like that done to them just to satisfy their owner, although some people have different views. However, if you really love your cat I don't think de-clawing is a viable option.

Cats need a different approach to training than dogs. Do not be tempted to punish your cat as they don't have the ability to realise what they are being punished for. In fact, a cat is more likely to hold a disliking for an owner if it is constantly being punished, as from the cats point of view it is just being hurt.

It is difficult to stop your cat =from scratching the furniture if it wants to, as it is a very natural thing for the cat to do. However it is possible to train a cat using other methods, and this may be possible to stop your cat scratching.

One way of stopping unwanted scratching is to provide a scratching post that is more appealing than your furniture! If you buy the most luxurious one possible, there is a good chance the scratches on your furniture could decrease or even stop altogether.

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