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The Joy of Domestic Cats

So why do you want to own a cat or even in some cases be owned by a cat?

If you are going to care for your cat properly it will mean you will have to find time to feed and groom it, change litter and let it in and out of your home. You will need to arrange for its care whilst you are away and you will have to find money for food, litter and veterinary expenses.

Cats are wonderful pets and companions and having one in your home can be a joy for you and all your family. Choose your cat wisely and prepare for an addition to your family.

Domestic cat owners often remain cat owners and often would be unable to see their lives complete without at least one feline living within their home.

To devoted owners caring for their cat will be no chore or a series of tedious everyday tasks instead it will be time lovingly given to an affectionate living animal. The affection that can be given by your cat rubbed up against your leg can make keeping and looking after your cat a special part of your life.

Caring for your cat does not demand exercise and since the domestic cat is basically a small creature their living areas pose not too much of a consideration but having said that your house should be big enough to allow the cat room to dwell.

Although cheap to acquire and cheap to own in monetary terms a cat can be worth its weight in gold to a new owner, providing amusement, love and companionship.
The elderly will find owning a cat very beneficial as it will provide undemanding companionship and can be very easily cared for. Children will learn a lot by having a cat as a pet to care for and will appreciate the amusement and affection that a cat can give. Under parent's guidance, a child can quickly learn to become a responsible pet owner.

Once you have decided that a cat will add to your enjoyment of life and that you can properly devote time and affection to its upkeep and well being you can begin to study the many and varied possibilities the world of a cat has to offer.

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