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Everyone says that the dog is man's best friend. But to cat lovers around the world, their feline companions are as good, if not better, as dogs for pets. One problem might be cat training. Many people have cats as their beloved pets. In fact, numerous people treat their cats just like their children. There are some people, too, who breed cats and have them as registered pets with a pedigree.

The cat is a very intelligent being that goes a long way to emulate its owner. Many owners say that their cats try to behave in the way they do! It's not very unusual to have a cat that goes to the bathroom before bed. Many people also say that their cats "talk". Well, that is actually the cat's mode of expression. It imitates certain sounds from its owner's vocabulary and then uses it for a specific expression. They have their own way of telling you things. One of the most effective devices used by cats for communication with their owners is that of eye contact. When they want to show their love and affection towards you, the cats generally rub their bodies against your legs.

Cats are one of the best pets that you will ever find. They are small and cuddly and they have no problems of maintenance. Only one problem that might arise from keeping a cat at home is infection like cat scratch disease or rabies. Also, cats are known to strike at the eyes of a larger creature when they feel threatened. However, this can only happen if the cat is provoked or it is tortured.

Understanding cat's behavior

One of the problems faced by pet cats is that of boredom. I am giving a list of all the things that a cat would do in the wild:

1. Observe birds and worms all around it.

2. Explore the territories around it.

3. Happily go after a mouse or a bug.

4. Prance about in the sun and roll over and go off to sleep when tired.

However, domestic cats are not able to do half of these things when it has to stay at home all day long. It is all the more worse if the cat's owner is out all day and it has no one to play with. This kind of living can thrust your pet cat into depression, so take care.

Watch for these Signs of Boredom

o Going all around the house with a small object or even a cloth when no one is around.

o Cats, as you know, are naturally prone to grooming. However, it is not a good sign if your cat starts grooming all the time like a maniac.

o Throwing things from counter tops.

o Trying to identify and mark their territory with urine or stool while spraying or squatting.

o Crying out to you all the time to let you know its feeling lonely.

o Getting very aggressive.

o Eating excessively as a means of consoling itself.

The first step in cat training is being able to read your cats mind and understanding why it does certain things. In articles to follow I will go further into this understanding and observing so you will be able to better care for your feline friend(s).

Burt Lang is a loving and caring cat owner. He welcomes you wholeheartedly to his Cat Training and Resource site: The Online Cat Training Center.

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