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The Turkish Angora Cat

The Turkish Angora is a natural cat breed, and has resided for centuries around the city of Ankara in Turkey. It shares similarities with Turkish Van and Persian. As a matter of fact the Turkish Angora was used heavily for the development of the modern Persian. So much so that nearly all purebred cats were lost. Fortunately this beautiful cat was declared a national treasure in its native land and a dedicated breeding program was initiated. Thus the Turkish Angora was preserved and in coming years found its way to other parts of Europe. It gained recognition in United States in nineteen sixties. However, only white colors were accepted initially and it was not until a decade later that all colors except for the pointed variants were included in cat fancies.

A lithe and muscular cat, the Turkish Angora is a medium sized breed with an average weight between seven to ten pounds. Body is finely structured with a triangular head, almond shaped blue, green or amber eyes and longish ears. Coat is single in layer, silky in texture and often white in color. Other colors and patterns include black, blue, cream, red, silver, smoke, tabby and tortoiseshell.

Like the Van Cat, the Angoras show fondness towards water. They have a graceful air about them and usually establish themselves as the top cat in a multi-pet household. They are healthy and active in general though there are reports of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and deafness in some lines. Occasionally kittens with a genetic neurological coordination disorder are born that pass away in infancy.

Turkish Angoras are very active and playful. They maintain their level of activity as they age. Also known for their intelligence, these felines are attention seekers and vocal. They are not shy and try to bond with strangers as they do with family members. Curious by nature, they follow their humans around everywhere, trying to take part in their every activity.

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