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The Wonderfully Balanced Cat

If you are a cat owner or just a cat lover, you surely have noticed by now how the wondrous creature called the cat, can defy gravity! Not only are they graceful (99%) of the time, but they can maneuver their bodies so as to land always on their feet. My cousins (now in their 40's) admitted trying to get my beloved pet, 30 years ago, to land anywhere on its body but its feet. They even held him like a baby one foot from the floor, let him go, but to their dismay, KeeKee always landed right side up. He showed them!

Our cats that inhabit the horse barn walk on a beam, 1/2 inch wide, that is 13 to 14 feet off the floor from one side of the barn to the next. Not only that, but when two meet in the middle, after some hissing and showing of disgust, they somehow pass each other and continue on to their destination. My stomach is in knots when I see them walking the edge of the hay loft and stopping to swing a paw at a passing bird or to lean clear over the edge to swat at me. Are they just not scared? Don't seem to be! My son climbed the ladder to the hay loft the other day only to startle one of the sleeping cats we call Tilda. She bounced straight in the air and jumped at least 12 feet to the ground without blinking an eye! After everyone calmed down (meaning the two of us) Tilda was not the least bit shook, nor was she worse for wear! Talk about defying gravity!

Their jumping antics serve to amuse us time and time again. I don't know anyone who does not at least crack a smile at Tabby when she jumps straight in the air 2 or 3 feet.

No doubt about it, cats are very limber. Did you ever notice how much they stretch? They can make a U either way with their back. Ever try it? If you have back problems, like most people in the human race, try to stretch and move like a cat. Really, it will make your back feel wonderful! After all have you ever seen a cat with back problems?

As the cat has always known, we as humans can learn a lot from our feline friends. They have been trying to tell us for centuries to "chill". If the cat could talk, he would tell us to "play often, take cat naps, and act like you have the world on a string". And that's why they have 9 lives and we have only one.

The author is Janet Patterson owner of many animals over the years and haven for many strays. She now has 4 cats in the house and 14 in the barn. All neutered and vaccinated. Check out her website

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