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Thinking About Common Cat Health Concerns

We often talk about how human-like our cats are, so it should come as no surprise that, just like we have health concerns and worries, that there are certain cat health concerns as well. Like any other animal, cats will often deal with health problems, some minor and some quite serious. Whether you have recently adopted your first cat, or you have been a cat owner for years, you need to understand some of the most basic health problems that will afflict our feline friends and learn about what you can do about them.

One common that affects cats is Feline Upper Respiratory Infection, which is also know as a URI. This is a virus that many cats carry, and in times of stress or other immune system weakness, it can suddenly start manifesting in cats that have never been seen to have it before. This can spread from cat to cat quite easily, and is very common in pet stores and animal shelters A cat that as a URI will be prone to sneezing, coughing, discharge from the nose and fever. If the case is mild, it will go away on it's own after about a week, but a more severe case can require a vet visit and antibiotics.

Fleas are another common complaint when it comes to cat health concerns. Fleas are most common during the summer and in the early fall, and often they can pass unnoticed until they start biting the more vocal, human members of the family. You can suspect fleas if your cat has been rubbing, biting itself and scratching more often than usual, and you may also be able to see the small, fast, brownish-black specks. The best defense is a good offense, so remember that if you are worried about cat health concerns that you should keep your cat away from wild animals, or any animals that you are not familiar with. You'll find that there are many different flea treatments available, and remember that to be well and truly rid of this pest, you will need to treat your home as well.

There are many common complaints when it comes to cat health concerns, and the two issues listed above are simply two of the more benign ones that you might come across. Remember to keep your eyes open to any irregular behavior on the part of your cat and take the time and effort to take him to the vet if you notice anything odd!

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