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Train Your Cat 10 Minutes A Day

Is it really possible to train your cat in less than ten minutes a day? Doesn't it take more time? Actually, it doesn't. Too much time training can be not very effective and many owners won't tell you this little secret.

The key to training your cat with that little amount of time every day is being consistent. Also, because this really is a somewhat slow process you need to have some patience. In addition to doing it every single day, you should also choose a certain time to do it as well. This will keep you consistent as well as the cat. Don't train your animal on off hours or when the cat is sleeping.

Now that we covered the basics before the training, let's get to it. Cats have very short attentions so it is helpful training them in this little amount of time. During this time you need to really have good sessions.

When you train your cat be sure not to use negative reinforcement such as punishment. Hitting or punishing your cat will do nothing and your cat will just look at you not understanding it.

Cats are much smaller than people. Hitting them or doing some sort of punishment through hitting won't be effective at all and is actually abuse. Use the cats mind and manipulate it to obey you instead.

The key to training your cat when you can't punish it is to use the psychological tactic called positive reinforcement. You reward your cat when it does something good and do nothing when it does something wrong. The result is that they will do the good act to get the positive reinforcement such as a treat or something of that nature.

With these simple tactics I'm positive that you will be training your cat in no time.

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