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We always had pets when I was growing up; usually strays that found their way into our house and then our hearts. We only had a couple of dogs at a time but we were never short on cats. The reason for that was because our two adult females would occasionally get outside and hang out in the neighbor's backyard with a variety of strays. My mother was divorced and couldn't afford to have them neutered so we ended up with a litter of kittens from time to time.

We also couldn't afford to go out and buy cat toys but they always seemed to find something in the house to keep them entertained. One of the cats' favorites was bottle caps because they could knock them around the kitchen floor like a hockey puck. Another favorite was a simple balled up wad of paper - anything that would bounce a little and make noise.

Of course the one toy that all cats love is a paper bag. Our cats would stalk the imaginary critter that hid inside the bag. And to make it a little more entertaining, we would sometimes put a hole in the bottom of the bag just big enough to accommodate a wiggling finger to give the kitties something a little more realistic to stalk. Sometimes I think it was as entertaining to us as it was to them.

I still have 5 cats and can't tell you I much I love them. In reality they are my kids as I don't have children of my own. They have kept me sane and regardless of how my day went, they greet me with enthusiasm and love.

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