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Your Cat Is Your Greatest Teacher

Have you ever noticed how completely satisfied your pets are? Especially cats. When you give them your full attention, they want for nothing more!

One of my most favorite manifestations to date was manifesting a cat into my life. Because of my landlord's decision, I am not allowed to own any pets, however I put out the request to have a cat because I really love them.

Within a month of having this desire I've manifested a beautiful black and white cat that comes and visits me every now and then. Every so often she will come to my window wanting a little attention.

Since meeting my new 4 footed friend, my own spiritual connection has been greatly increased. My connection to what I call source energy is so much easier because when I'm around this cat I'm finding it easier to become present in the moment.

Why is this? Because our animals are connected to source energy and they allow it into their lives continuously. They do not stop the source energy by holding limiting thoughts and instead they just get on with life and enjoy what life has to offer them.

You can learn so much from a cat by observing their presence.

Cats also have a magical ability to bring you into alignment when you give them your attention. Two things happen when you're giving attention to your cat...

First off, when you pet your cat, you're sending out a vibration of love and appreciation. These are the emotions at the top of the emotional scale and are the feelings you must have within you to manifest more abundance into your life.

Secondly, you're also becoming more present in the moment as you're removing your attention away from your thinking and putting your attention into petting and stroking your cat.

Both of these benefits are MASSIVE. They are the states of consciousness you must get into in order to bring more abundance into your life. You cannot receive things that you want when you feel miserable, but you can and will manifest them when you're in a state of appreciation and feeling love.

So the next time your cat wants a little of your attention, don't see it as a nuisance. Instead see it as a way for you to become more aligned with things you want. Remove your thoughts from the equation and give your attention to that sweet putty cat.

Manifesting Reality Isn't Hard Work After All

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