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All Natural Cat Food

All natural cat food is a very important factor when it comes to the health of your feline friend. There are many unique and special moments shared between cats and their owners. In order to honor that special bond, cat owners should always put the health and wellness of their cat first. By feeding your cat all natural cat food your cat's health and longevity is increased.

When feeding your cat all natural cat food you are ensuring that your cat will live a happier and healthier life.

There are many all natural cat foods available on the market today. However, it is important to ensure that the one that you select has the correct ingredients.

Listed below are the ingredients and supplements that you should look for when selecting an all natural cat food for your feline friend.

o Chicken Meal

This should be slowly cooked to maintain enzymes. The chicken should be 100% boned and dehydrated. This is a filler which provides more meat and energy.

o Whole Brown Rice

This provides all of the nutrients that are needed by your cat with lower complex carbohydrates, which will help to control your cat's weight.

o Fresh Ocean Fish Meal

Using a combination of herring, anchovy and sardines will provide your cat with a high intake of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids for energy, healthy skin and coat.

o Organic Ground Flax

This also provides your cat with essential fatty acids.

o Ocean Fish Oil

This helps to prevent problems with hairballs, by allowing them to pass through.

o Organic Carrots

Carrots provide wholesome nutrition such as beta carotene and iron.

o Organic Spinach

The same wholesome nutrients provided by carrots are also provided by spinach.

o Whole Cranberries

These are excellent for kidney flushing, which will help to combat urinary tract crystals.

o Sea Salt

This provides all of the necessary minerals that your cat requires.

Supplements are also essential for a cat. They help your cat digest its food and suppress bad bacteria intestinal infections. The cat supplements that should be included in your cat food include:

o Biotin
o Calcium Iodate
o Calcium Pantothenate
o Choline
o Cobalt
o Copper Proteinate
o Folate
o Iron
o Manganese
o Methionine
o Natural Vitamin E
o Natural Vitamin K1
o Niacin
o Phosphoric Acid
o Potassium
o Probiotic Acidophilus
o Riboflavin
o Selenium
o Taurine
o Thiamin
o Vitamin A
o Vitamin B6
o Vitamin B 12
o Vitamin D3
o Yucca Plant Extract
o Zinc Proteinate

Many of the above ingredients are not contained in commercial cat food. There are certain ingredients included in such commercial cat food, whereby when reading the exact contents, it is almost a certainty that you will never wish to feed it to your cat again. For this reason, love your cat as he loves you and feed him all natural cat food.

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