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Homemade Cat Food Recipe - Safe and Delicious

Have you ever thought about making your very own homemade cat food recipe? There are, of course, those people that would ask "why would I want to make homemade cat food?"

Being a cat owner, you may have seen dead squirrels, chipmunks, and birds in your garden. No matter how much you shout at your cat not to do it, they will simply not listen. It is not just instinct that causes a domesticated cat to hunt; it is their bodies craving the essential nutrients that are lacking in their diets.

An extremely necessary enzyme, called amylase, is missing from a cat's diet when eating commercial cat food. This enzyme is necessary for a cat to be able to digest carbohydrates, which is the primary component of dry cat food. Not only this, but commercial cat food also lacks water content which contributes to an array of problems aside from malnutrition.

Even though canned cat food typically contains more protein and up to 70% water, it still does not provide a nutritionally complete diet.

Following a homemade cat food recipe will certainly stimulate a cat's natural diet and provide complete nutrition to your feline friend. It is agreed by most that homemade cat food consists of the following ingredients:

o Raw ground meat and fat.

o Finely diced vegetables.

o Bone meal or finely ground eggshells - our feline friends require nutritional bone meal, not gardening bone meal. It is imperative that bone meal is purchased at a health food store. When using eggshells, ensure that they are ground into a fine powder.

o Nutritional supplementation - this can be provided by adding the correct dosage of enzymes that are formulated especially for cats.

o Digestive and other enzymes - this can be provided in the same way as above.

o Pure water - anything is better than tap water.

o Cooked or soaked whole grains - these are optional, as it is believed by many that grains were never part of a cat's natural diet, and that there is no additional benefit to including them. However, some believe that they are part of a healthy diet.

Cats also enjoy fish, and using the correct fish such as sardines, herrings, and anchovies, will provide your cat with Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids.

One great homemade cat food recipe that your cat will love is:

o Fish Delight


2 eggs
1 tbsp bone meal
1 tbsp fresh raw veggies
1 to 2 cups milk
1 cam tuna or mackerel
4 slices brown bread
2 tbsp supplemental powder
1 tbsp vegetable oil
2,500 IU vitamin A
100 - 200 IU vitamin E
200 mg Taurine (cat vitamin tablet)


Blend the eggs, milk, and supplements together and then add the fish and bread and thoroughly mix. This can then be served raw, or after being baked for 20 minutes at 350F.

Therefore, in conclusion, give your friend a healthy cat diet and get started with a homemade cat food recipe.

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