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Asian Semi-Longhair Cat

Asian Semi-longhair is a beautiful cat breed. It is said to have originated in Britain during the 1980's. The cat also goes by the name of Tiffanie. Both names are used in different regions across the world. The origin of this pretty feline dates back to experimental breeding of the long-haired Burmilla cats with Chinchillas. The result of this breeding was this semi-longhaired attractive cat whose silky bur did not tangle and whose personality was an ideal combination of play and affection. Thereafter the cat was selectively developed and gained recognition of Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of United Kingdom, though it is still not recognized in the United States. Efforts are underway though to generate formal recognition of this cat in the United States.

Tiffanies are very pretty cats. They are seen in various colors and patterns. The five main colors are blue, black, brown, chocolate and lilac. Fur of Asian Semi-longhairs is shiny, luxurious and silky in texture. Eyes are in beautiful shades of green and are often lined, along with the lips, adding to the cat's beauty.

The adorable Asian Semi-longhairs are a combination of their parent breeds when it comes to personality and behavior. They have the playfulness of the Burmese as well as the easy going nature from their Persian ancestry. Some are laid back and content to grooming themselves in an indoor environment, while other cats of the same breed are often outgoing and demanding. They are intelligent and loving felines above all.

Apart from their good looks, the Asian Semi-longhair cats are easy to groom and train. They are fast learners and make excellent pets. They are understanding and quite content to living in apartments with people. As a result, these pretty felines are ideal companions for a variety of adoring cat owners.

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