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American Longhair Cat

American Longhair or Domestic Longhair is a breed of long haired felines. It has long beautiful hair and a well structured physique. It is one of the commonest breeds of cats found in America today and is often bred along selective lines to create other cats. It is said to have been brought in ships to America initially for catching mice.

As its popularity grew among sailors, more and more were brought over and many left on shores from where they moved into cities. Owing to their good rodent catching skills, they become quite popular among town and village dwellers and moved gradually inland into more and more places. Thereafter the pretty feline was bred to create and preserve the long-haired trait.

American Longhair are beautiful felines. They occur in various colors and patterns. The long fur is their main attraction and requires constant care and grooming on part of both the cat and humans. Those felines that are not enthusiastic groomers require particular care by their owners. They need to be bathed at least once every week. The hair at times acquire infection and lead to the cat's illness in case proper care is not taken. Owing to this, these cats are not suited to have an outdoor lifestyle.

Apart from the above, the American Longhairs are generally quite healthy animals. They make good pets and are social and adoring. They seldom fight and usually get along quite well with each other and human beings. It is reported at times that these cats are somewhat prone to gaining weight. Therefore the weight of these cats needs monitoring. If they lead an indoor lifestyle it is important that they engage in daily exercise to maintain their fitness. On the whole, these gentle and beautiful cats are free from illnesses and lead a long healthy life.

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