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Bladder Problems in Cats

It is great to have pets but then it is also important to ensure that the pets health is taken care of. Unlike humans, animals can't express their pain or sickness and the only way to understand if they are sick or not is by knowing what the symptoms are. The best option is to consult a vet in case cat health is compromised.

There are different types of diseases and physical disorders that most cats are prone to and FLUTD is one such problem. FLUTD stands for feline lower urinary tract disorder and is a serious problem that can affect cat health. In this disorder, a type of crystalline material is formed out of protein and it not only irritates the cat but also block their urinal track. As a result of this, your cat will not be able to pass urine.

In some of the mild cases, the symptoms could be that of cystitis, which is followed by certain amount of pain caused during urination also called dysuria. One of the major therapies in the past for this particular problem has been special diets that produce acid urine and dissolves all the crystals and this is meant to keep cat health perfect.

The treatment of FLUTD depends on the stage it is in. Overall pet health is dependent on how quickly it is diagnosed. If your cat is suffering from dysuria then it is not a case of emergency but this doesn't mean that cat health doesn't need to be taken care of. These small animals that fulfill the void in our lives need as much care as we do. There are some serious cases where blockage has occurred and those cases are treated on an urgent basis as it can result in the death of your cat. If your cat is unable to remove waste from his/her body completely then it means that the level of potassium ions (K+) is dangerously high and this will affect the overall cat health. The best option will be to put him or her on anesthesia and try to remove any obstruction that exists in the bladder.

Once the obstruction has been removed, bladder pressure will increase suddenly due to the high amount of urine formed and hence your vet as well as you will need to monitor her health constantly. The moment you see that your cat is urinating with irregularity and all around the house, you need to take him or her to the vet. It could possibly be FLUTD but that can only be determined through ultrasound and radiography. Bladder problems in cats are not uncommon but with regular checkups and taking care of pet health issues, your cat can grow up to be a beautiful feline.

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