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How to Feed Your Feline Friends

Most experienced cat lovers know that our feline friends have their own special nutritional needs. Cats have health issues that are completely different from those of dogs. If you are a new cat owner, there are some very important things you should know about keeping your furry friend healthy.

First, understand that cats are true carnivores. They require more protein in their diets to maintain a healthy digestive system. Some digestive problems associated with insufficient protein include, runny stools, diarrhea and chronic irritable bowel disease. Commercial dry cat food can amount to nothing more than meat flavored cereal, which will not meet the metabolic needs of your cat. In order for a feline to utilize carbohydrates from plant sources, they require very specific amino acids. Some other common feline health problems include kidney failure, bladder stones, diabetes and cystitis.

As cats age, they need to consume more fat in their diet to maintain their energy level. Proper nutrition for your older cat is crucial because levels of necessary vitamins, minerals and electrolytes can decrease with age. Since older animals tend to eat less, they may not get their nutritional needs meet. A high quality, human grade pet vitamin can be extremely helpful for meeting and maintaining proper levels of the nutrients your cat needs. The best pet vitamins have all natural ingredients and no fillers or binding agents.

It has been shown that proper nutrition can not only add years to the life of your cat, but it can also slow down the progression of many diseases. A quality supplement can provide the amino acids needed to utilize carbohydrates from plant material and be an important source of Taurine, which cats can not produce themselves. A Taurine deficiency can cause blindness and heart problems. Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for skin problems, including feline acne. Omega-3 fatty acids and beta carotene are recommended supplements for cats with cancer. An all natural, human grade, pet vitamin can also support the immune system of cats with Feline Immunodeficient Virus.

Our cats are special to us and we want the best for them. A good, protein rich diet and a quality pet vitamin can promote a long and healthy life for our feline friends.

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