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Cat Care Tips - Safeguard Your Dollars From Your Feline

One of the most valuable cat care tips that any cat owner can get is how to save money while still providing the best care for your feline. What I am going to discuss about today is how even though cat care cost money, you will not be spending more than you should be spending.

Okay, right now what do you think of when you think of cat care, you should be thinking of money. Every cat owner will have to think of the additional cost that a cat will bring to them. Your cat needs litter box, medical checkups, and obviously food and water. These are just the most basic requirements. You still have not add in the toys, scratching post, a bed, a pet carrier and even an ID collar tag. These also cost money.

So right now, I will be discussing how you are going to save through different feeding habits for your cats. If you have kittens, they will need several feedings per day till age of 12 weeks, so in a sense they will be more costly.

On the other hand, cats which are 3-6 months old just needs three meals a day so you will not need to feed that much, especially much older cats as they will only need two small meals a day or you can just combine into a large meal to save even more.

Another of the cat care tips is the selection of your cat food. Even though your cats love canned food, it is definitely more expensive than the dry ones. Canned food also has its cons such that it cannot be left out in the open for more than 30 minutes. On the other hand, dry ones can help prevent the build up of tartar. But just make sure that you cat has enough water to go with the dry ones.

Furthermore another tip to take note is that although generic food is cheaper than dry ones, they are not as nutritious as the dry ones. Cow's milk should also be avoided as they can cause diarrhea. But you can always mix in some occasional treats with human food.

Another cat care tips is that you will need to take care of the cleanliness of your cat lest it will need more medical checkup that you can afford. So just brush them once a day to prevent hairball buildup. Clean up the litter box once a week and scoop up the litter daily. Cats are fairly clean by nature and would not like it to be dirty.

Last of all, the most important cat care tip is the health and medical cost for your cat. You will need to take it to a checkup regularly to ensure it is healthy. So by using these money-saving cat care tips, you will be assured that you will be spending just the right amount to keep your cat healthy, and sick free.

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