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Is Your Cat Food Actually Table Scraps? Is This Healthy?

There are many foods that should never be given to your cat. They can be extremely dangerous to its health and /or make it extremely sick.

A few of these foods are listed below and are not considered to be proper cat health care:

Dog Food... If you have a dog and a cat, and the cat eats the dog's food this is surely a no-no. This type of food is formulated for the body of a canine. It does not have ample protein or taurine that is essential for proper nutrition in cats. If a cat eats dog food consistently it will get sick.

Table Scraps... This is healthy for us, but not good for our cats. The same facts apply to this category. What we eat is not properly formulated for the cat's nutritional health, especially the lack of taurine. No taurine and ample protein indicates physical disaster for our beloved feline.

Chocolate, in any form... This is extremely toxic to cats and dogs. The pet can become very sick and die. Be really careful not to leave it around in an open container, or bowl where they may ingest it.

Bones and string (even though not a food)... Bones can crack and the little pieces can get lodged in their gums, throat or intestines causing irreparable damage. Cat food should never contain bones of any kind.

I know there are lots of photos showing cats with balls of string and some pet stores sell them for cats, but it should never be given to a cat as a toy. It too, can get lodged in the throat, as well as, causing blockages in the stomach, intestines and anus.

The best food that should be given to a cat is a homemade cooked variety.

Dry foods may be easy for us to administer because it is quick to pour. However, it is very high in carbohydrates that contribute to feline obesity and diabetes.

Canned food with a high content of protein, low content of ash is preferable if one can't provide the homemade cooked cat food.

There are recipes that take 15 minutes or less to prepare and can be done in a large quantity during the weekend or whenever you have a few spare moments.
This will surely go a long way in assisting your cat to stay healthier without eating preservatives and fillers.

So in conclusion, table scraps, bones, chocolate and dog food are not healthy cat food alternatives for your beloved feline.

Check out a quick and easy 15 minutes or less homemade cat food recipe.

What is another food your cat should not eat? Visit

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