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Cat Climbing Furniture For Your Feline Friends

Cat climbing furniture is getting to be more common as we find more and more ways to entertain our kittens and cats. Cats love to climb and this gives our indoor cats a chance to do what comes natural to them. They love to look down on their world and feel superior in their territory. Cat climbing furniture gives them an opportunity to have that option. It gives them much needed work out and keeps them happy and content.

Cat furnishings of this type works very well for a household with more then one cat. Whether you have a purebred, exotic breed or even just your everyday tabby, a cat tree adds an extra element of adventure for your feline. It also is a great instrument in teaching your own personal pride what their domain is. This saves scratching of that new chesterfield and a trip or two up the curtains. Simply convey to your independent but intelligent friend that the sisal covered furniture is their terrain. Catnip associated with the furniture can be a way to let your cat know this is for them and them alone.

If catnip does not work well for your cat try a different type of treat. Gently place your kitten on a perch and give a treat to teach your kitten that this is your play area. It works better to teach your little guy from square one. Older cats already think the household is there for them and they are letting you stay out of the goodness of their heart.

When you purchase a cat tree make sure that you get one that is stable. Unique cat furniture may be interesting but is it practical. Also make sure that it will hold your cat's weight when it grows. It may look well-built but remember kittens are not kittens for long. With luck you will have your kitten for years and they will grow and expand in size the same as humans. Modular cat furniture maybe something to consider as you can replace worn parts. Also you may want to have a cat condo at the bottom and have your tree go from there. Some of the cat trees have build in cat box furniture so you have your cat's world in a defined spot.

If all else fails there are blueprints for building cat furniture for sale. You many want to build a custom cat climbing tree yourself. A tree for your special cats or kittens is a good investment for the whole family.

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