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Blueprints For Building Cat Furniture For Big And Small Cats

Cats have been treated over the centuries as pets in many cultures. Egyptians have put the cat in a place of worship. In our culture we have not gone quite that far but we still have a high regard for our little mice chasing pal. Unfortunately do to modern living conditions a great many of our cats do not have the option to roam as freely as they once did. Due to this many cat lovers have come up with blueprints for cat furniture. They have become inventors of interesting furniture for their little restricted companions.

Blueprints for perches, climbing structures and creative scratching post and pads are on the top of the list of amateur and professionals alike. These prints create an attractive and useful environment for our active friends. When building a structure one needs to have it stabile and usable. Often small wood is better such as 2" X 4" rather then 4" X 4". This is better as it keeps the structure to a manageable weight. Upholstery material is better then carpet as there is a change a cat will eat bits of carpet. Upholstery material will not fall apart the way the carpet does.

Sisal which is a stiff fiber used in making rope, is ideal to use as cats can scratch and it will hold up. Since sisal is fairly coarse and inflexible it is often blended with wool and acrylic for a softer rope. Many sites have instructions on how to build many decorative and useful pieces of furniture for your active cat. They can incorporate many of your cats own personality such as hiding spots or high perches for your cats instinct to be king of the jungle or in this case king of his household.

If you have more then one cat it is a good idea to make more then one spot that the cat or kitten can claim as his own. Towers can reach to the ceiling to cut the need for your cat to have space to run. Also for those little mountain cats in your home they will be encourage to climb the tower saving your curtains.

Blueprints for building cat furniture is available on the internet and also can be found in home improvement centers and for people with a creative nature of course you can just start building and see what you come up with. Purchased or homemade your kitten or cat will love to explore what you have installed in your home, for his health and happiness.

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