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Cat Enclosures - Are They Worth It?

Cats who have access to all areas of the outdoors run the risk of being hit by cars, being attacked by dogs, poisoned, injured or killed by wild animals and they are at risk from the odd human that has a cruel streak.

If you are looking for safer alternative for you cat to have access to the outdoors in a protected and controlled environment, you can consider a cat enclosure or cat run.

Having your cat enclosed allows them to enjoy the outdoors and allows you peace of mind knowing that no harm will come to your cat. Let's face it - a cat loves nothing more than lazing around in the direct sunlight.

You have several options. There are a number of companies who specialize in building cat enclosures and cat runs.

Our rear yard, for instance, is completely covered with a cat-proof mesh so that the cats have the run of the entire yard. We had this professionally installed.

But, you needn't cover your whole yard. You may like to cat proof a portion of it.

In our previous residence which was a ground floor apartment we had a modular cat run installed which contained a tunnel and towers with hammocks. The cats could jump out of the window, climb around the tower and then walk around or lay in the tunnel. Similar cage like structures are found in pet stores.

If you are a handy person, you can erect your own DIY cat run, or hire a tradesman to build one to your specifications.

If you search the web you are sure to find a collection of ideas that other cat lovers have used themselves.

Keeping your cat indoors with a safe outdoor environment they can access actually helps them to live longer too.

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