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Cat Furniture Towers - A Must Have For All Cat Owners

Cats are a great pet to have especially if you have a hectic work schedule. They are very independent and can stay occupied indoors for long stretches at a time. Plus they use litter boxes which can stay indoors meaning you never have to worry about an accident after missing a walk. The one downside to owning a cat that all cat owners will mention is their claws.

From the time a cat is a small kitten it has sharp little claws that are perfect for scratching for fun or defense. In addition to being great for scratching the claws are great for helping your cat cling to surfaces when they are running around. Many cat owners have been horrified to find that their couches and other furniture have been scratched to bits just because your cats have been jumping from surface to surface during their random play. Worst, some cat owners have had their furniture, linen, and other surfaces scratched up simply because their cats felt like sharpening their claws on whatever surface was handy. A good way to avoid this wear and tear on your furniture, draperies, and bed spreads is to invest in a good cat tower.

Cat furniture towers are a great place for cats to play which will discourage them from jumping on your furniture when they are bored or playful. The average cat tower is a tall structure that is perfect for your cat to jump and climb on. They often provide little cubby holes that your cat can curl up and sleep in when they are tired out from all of their playing. Best of all they are covered in material that is perfect for scratching so your cats will spend their time sharpening their claws on the new tower rather than clawing your furniture to shreds.

Cat towers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so you do not have to worry about buying something that is too big or too small. There are cat furniture towers that are perfect for one cat and some that are designed with two or more cats in mind. They also come in a wide variety of colors and materials so you do not have to worry about settling for something that will clash horribly with your own furniture. These days' cat furniture towers are designed with the cat owners wishes in mind in addition to the cats. Many pet supply retailers now offer cat furniture towers that boast attractive designs that all cat owners would be proud to display out in the open.

Best of all, cat furniture towers are extremely affordable. Even cat furniture towers that are tall, elaborate, and meant for multiple cats are reasonably priced. Cat owners do not have to worry about breaking their budget just to save their furniture. Also, since cat furniture towers are reasonably priced, they can be replaced as often as necessary without causing financial hardship to the cat owner. Even though cat furniture towers are made to last and are much more durable than most people realize they will, eventually, start looking a bit threadbare. Thanks to the great prices charged by most retailers online and off-line cat furniture towers can easily be replaced with newer, fresher, looking towers whenever the owner feels the need.

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