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Cat Food and Water Bowl

Cats with free access to outdoors will potentially have a full and natural lifestyle. The constantly changing outside world will provide all the mental and physical stimulation required to keep the individual healthy, both physically and mentally. A cat needs to be neutered or fixed if you do not your cat wandering off and getting into trouble or in a females case, having kittens.

A cat will want its own special food bowl. One way to distinguish which cats bowl it is can be perhaps by having a different colored bowl for each one of your cats. The water bowl and the food dish that you use to serve up your cats meals should be acceptable to him or else your cat may decide not to feed there. Also, it is important that the bowls you use do not scratch easily. There are some low cost feeding bowls that can dent easily if a cat scratches it hard enough and these little gashes can attract bacteria and food particles, which might make your cat sick. This means that your best investment will be high impact plastic dishes.

The black and white dish has "Woof" printed on the front and is accented with an enameled paw charm. Now the food will look as good as it tastes! Pet food and water dishes are available in virtually all shapes and sizes, and typically present a common problem for the pet caretakers they become soiled and are very undesirable to clean once in that condition.

These durable, deep dish plastic cat face food bowls include non-skid feet to eliminate the "scoot and spill" factor during your pet's mealtime. They're dishwasher safe and come in both single and double compartments. Treat your precious kitty with delicious food in our Cat Face Feeding Dish. This feeding dish has the face of an adorable feline and ears that stick out too.

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