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Stop Cats From Fighting - Tips

Your cats are fighting all around the house and you don't know what to do. Right? There are a couple of things that you need to know in order to stop all of the bad cat behavior. Aggression among cats is associated with certain reasons and it will be necessary for you to understand this behavior and to learn how to act appropriately.

Different forms of aggression:

Play aggression (play fighting)

This begins very early with kittens and adults can also show this kind of aggression. This act of play fighting is actually normal. Mother cats teach predator-prey behavior to their young.

The kitten will follow the other cat and leap on it from behind. Play fighting is the first step for establishing an hierarchy amongst the other cats in the house.

Sexual aggression

This is the easiest cat behavior to figure out. The aggressor cat will bother the victim and will try to mount it. It will also display thrusting of the hip movements and don't worry its just a female-male mating going on.

Territorial aggression

This is when you have two equally matched cats and they are on opposite side of any room (any gender). An individual may identify this aggression, since a cat exhibits this type of aggression by spraying urine or marking. If your cats are fighting you will need to try to part two fighting cats, or else they will inflict severe damage.

Tips to know

1. You can loudly clap hands to distract the cats
2. You can hiss loudly.
3. Give the cat a huge stuffed toy
4. You can use a spray bottle (spray them right after bad behavior)
5. Separate your cats for a day or so after fighting

More cat owner tips

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