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Cat Food Recipe - Safe and Delicious

Preparing a cat food recipe at home is an option that many cat owners have decided to undertake over recent times. This is because there have been many revelations as to the contents in commercial cat food. It is largely believed that commercial cat food is simply not safe as it was once thought to be for your feline friend. There are many unwanted ingredients in commercial cat food and a great lack of nutritional benefits that makes many people simply not want to give it to their cats.

We, as cat owners, must remember that our cats love us, and we should love them just as much in return. When you have had a hard day at work and you arrive home tired and stressed, does your cat not help you to relax by brushing around your legs, or curling up on your knee. For this reason, your cat certainly deserves to be provided with food that is safe and tailor made just for him and his dietary requirements.

However, it is imperative to understand, before you go off to the local store and purchase an abundance of ingredients for your cat food recipe that not all foods agree with cats. Foods that should never be given to felines include onions and chocolate. These two foods are extremely toxic for cats and should be avoided at all costs.

Listed below are two cat food recipes that your feline friend is certain to enjoy and greatly appreciate.

o Canadian Cat Relish


1 lb liver
1 lb white fish
1 cup dry cat food
1/2 cup tomato juice
1 tsp cod liver oil


Take the liver and white fish and gently simmer in water until it is cooked. In a separate bowl soak the dry cat food in half cup of tomato juice.

Drain the liver and fish, retaining the water, and allow it to cool slightly. Once it has cooled, then it is important to remove any bones. Place all of the ingredients into a food processor with one teaspoon of cod liver oil and mix using a metal blade.

If the mixture appears to be thick then you can add some of the retained juices to achieve the ideal consistency for your cat.

o Sardine Heaven


1 can sardines in oil
2/3 cup of cooked rice
parsley and turmeric


Depending of whether your cat likes raw meat or prefers it to be cooked entirely determines how you prepare this recipe. If your cat prefers cooked meat then you can place all of the ingredients in a pan and boil until completely cooked. This simply needs to be placed in the refrigerator and served to the cat in portions.

Go on, prepare a cat food recipe today and make your feline's day.

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