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Let's face it; we all want the best for our cats. And a majority of us go out and purchase the best premium cat food that is available on the market. After all, many of us would not think that we were doing anything wrong by our cats when feeding them premium cat food. However, you may just be extremely concerned to discover that what you are feeding your cat is in actual fact, pet road kill, euthanized dogs, and chicken feet. This applies even if you are paying $40 or more on a bag of premium cat food.

There are many dark secrets hiding behind the colorful bags and fancy slogans when it comes to the pet food industry.

When animals are slaughtered for food such as chickens, cattle, lambs, the lean muscle is cut off for human consumption. After this lean muscle has been removed, then there is generally approximately 50% of the carcass left over. It is this 50% that is placed into pet food, such as the lungs, ligaments, bones, blood and intestines.

When the food comes out of a rendering plant, under no circumstances would it be purchased by a consumer or eaten by a cat. However, In order to make it more pleasing to the eye and mouth, chemicals are added so that it can be sold as pet food.

The first thing to be added is a preservative for the purposes of keeping the food fresh through shipping and whilst it is on the shelf. Several synthetic preservatives are added such as:

o Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
o Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
o Porpylene glycol (also used as automotive antifreeze)
o Ethoxyquin

Very little is known about that effects that can be suffered by cats because of such chemicals. It is claimed by many experts and veterinarians that ethozyquin is the best and safest preservative on the market. However, there are others who claim that it is a potential carcinogen, which causes skin problems and infertility in dogs.

Some of the other things that are added to commercial cat food include:

o Coloring agents
o Drying agents
o Flavoring agents
o Lubricants
o Nutritive sweeteners
o Texturizers

I think it can be safely said that our cats would live a much healthier and happier life if they were given homemade cat food rather than the commercial kind. It is a simple process to make cat food, and one which is not particularly costly or time consuming. Our pets give us great happiness by being such loved members of the family, and they deserve to be given food that it nutritious and healthy. Therefore, it is important to pursue cat food ratings to help you to decide what the best option for your cat is.

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