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Cat Health Facts

Something which is always greatly in demand by cat owners is cat health facts. These are sometimes merely interesting trivia to file away which will pique the interest of others, while others may help bring that cat hater on your block around to your way of thinking and yet others could be vital for you to know for your pet's health.

Some interesting cat health facts follow - some of these may already be well known to you, but I have included them for the benefit of all, including those less well versed in feline health issues. There may be a few which you were unaware of and others which you had forgotten, along with some that could save your cat's life!

o Cats are susceptible to the diseases feline leukemia and feline AIDS, so have your pet tested regularly, especially if they are an outdoor cat.
o Cats can suffer from various forms of cancer.
o A cat's brain is more similar to a human's brain than to a dog's.
o Your cat will sleep somewhere between 16 and 18 hours a day, but very lightly - they will wake and react swiftly to any stimulus.
o Chocolate and acetaminophen (Tylenol, etc) are both harmful to your cat.
o Cats are sensitive to lactose - so milk is not a good choice to feed them. It will tend to give them diarrhea. Instead, give your cat cream. It contains less lactose and the butterfat is easier for them to digest; it's good for them as well.
o You can extend your cat's life by having them neutered.
o An indoor cat will live, on average, about 15 years, while an outdoor cat usually does not live past
o A cat can turn its ears 180 degrees.
o Never leave your cat in a car alone. The heat, even with the windows cracked, are too much for your cat.
o A female cat can start mating at only 5 months of age, while a male cat must wait until he is at least 7 months.
o The gestation period of kittens is generally between 58 and 65 days, about 2 months.

Cats are indeed fascinating animals and make wonderful companions in any home. They must be properly cared for, but will give you years of love, companionship and amusement in return for this care. Knowing some important cat health facts can assist you in ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet cat.

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