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When it comes too cat health, weight loss is an important topic. While any pet owner knows all too well the urge to pamper and spoil our animal companions, there is definitely such a thing as too many treats and too much food. It can be hard to resist those plaintive meows and those oh-so-expressive eyes, but be strong; being overweight is not good for your cat. While a overweight cat may appear happy, at least after getting those excessive treats, in the long run an overweight cat is an unhappy cat - with an unhappy owner.

Just like humans, cats can gain excess weight due to overfeeding, lack of exercise and insufficient exercise. It can be difficult for cats to lose weight, just as it is for people but at least in the case of a pet cat, you have control over their diet. If you are interested in cat health, weight loss for your pet is something which you should know about. Being overweight can lead to diabetes, a growing health concern for cats in our country where it is estimated that as many of 40% of house cats are overweight. A cat that is obese can suffer from a variety of other health problems as a result and may not be able to clean themselves properly due to the excess pounds they are carrying - a very sad problem.

For better cat health, weight loss needs to be considered if your pet has gotten a bit heavy. A weight loss program for your cat should be approached cautiously and after consultation with your vet. A few steps which may help your cat lose that extra weight is to stop making food available to your cat all the time. While some cats do quite well as "grazers", many will overeat if food is constantly present for them. Instead, feed your cat two to four small amounts of food daily and keep an eye on portion sizes! Your cat will likely complain a bit, but stick to your guns as this will be better for your cat in the long run.

Cat health weight loss should be done gradually, since a crash diet is no healthier for your cat than it is for you. Watch your cat's progress gradually and make sure that they don't get too thin. Keep in touch with your vet during your cat's weight loss and ask their advice if you have any questions. Being the proper weight is healthy for your cat and will ensure a longer, happier life for your cat.

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