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Cat Houses - How to Reclaim Your Own Home with Them

If you don't want the cats taking over your house, you need to offer cat houses to your feline friends.

Don't feel bad if your cats are taking over the house. They're taking over everyone else's too. When it comes to the selection of pets in homes across America, more and more parents are choosing to have cats over dogs.

While once upon a time cats were thought of as the pets that sat on the back of the sofa or on a chair in the house, their role has changed. Many people think of their cats much as they do their dogs. They are small members of the family that have their own personalities and attitudes and as such, are members of the family that deserve their own things. This includes cat houses.

Sure, your cats live in your house, yet they would like to have their own houses as well.

Cats are animals that like their own space that offers safety and security for them. They want somewhere that is familiar, where they can hide away from the world when things are stressful or when there are unfamiliar people in their homes. Cat houses will also be a place your pets will want to curl up and sleep at the end of the day.

In addition to offering a little extra security and comfort for your cat, cat houses can also be a boon to your furniture. One of the major complaints from many cat owners is the effect their cats have on their home furnishings.

It may be that your cat is always laying on your furniture and leaving clumps of fur all over the place. While it seems the hair comes off of the cat easily, it then likes being attached to your furniture and is hard to remove.

Another problem many people have with their cats is their desire to claw things. That can often be your chairs and sofas. Often when this happens, your cat is just telling you it wants something to use to stretch out and get a workout for it's claws.

When selecting cat houses for your cat there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, notice the size of your cat. The cat houses you choose for your cats should be tall enough that they can reach up the side of the houses to scratch. This may save your furniture.

Also, keep in mind where your cats like to be. If your cats like to be on the top of pieces of furniture, in window sills and above furniture, you should make sure the cat houses you choose offer this type of a location for them. They will want to be well off the ground. Many cat houses are elevated and will allow your cats to perch above the room, in a superior position.

While you may initially think of the purchase of cat houses as a way to keep your pets happy, you may also enjoy the side effect that these pieces of feline furniture will also save your furniture from future abuse.

Jennifer Akre, the author of this article, is an owner of different niche sites that offer clients and customer not only products, but information relating to furnishing and decorating their indoor and outdoor living space. Whether you want to redecorate your living room or create the ultimate outdoor oasis, there is a ton of helpful advice to take advantage of. Today, she shares her insight when purchasing lavish cat furniture, grand cat houses, and sturdy cat trees

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