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Living With The Cat - Chapter 5

Under all possible domestic cats, the race of the Maine Coon is without any doubt the biggest!
There are Maine Coons with a weight of over 15 kilograms and a length over all including the bushy tail of more than one meter. Whenever people visit me, they are impressed with my cat Gino. And he is not fat at all. He is just big and full of mussels. I can leave the front door wide open. Nobody would come into my patio. Even the dogs of our street respect him and stay away.

It was a big change for Gino, when we came from Middle Europe to Brazil six years ago, but now he got very well acclimatized. As there is no winter time, he doesn't show this wonderful winter coat and the very impressive mane, but he is still a semi longhair with a very different coat to all other cats here around. It was not at all the first time, we moved. I always had a life like a gypsy. This kind of life only a Maine Coon can accept.

Because there is something very special about Maine Coons. Normally cats have their territory and they really do not mind that much, who opens the tins for them. Maine Coons are different, they don't grow any deeper connection to the territory, but they have a firm connection to their owner.
By the way, I never had the impression to be the owner of my cat. He is staying with me, because he likes the way I am treating him. I can take my cat, visit a friend or go out for fishing, he loves to travel or go by car. Whatever we do, it is all right, when we are together. He is not depending on me, but he is the kind of an adventurous cat. Of course I can leave him at home, but I always tell him: "I'll be back in some hours." ... or tomorrow.

I had heard about a woman, who had a Maine Coon in Germany and after five years she gave the cat away to another neighbor, because she had to move to another city. Just fourteen days later, the Maine Coon died. Reason was a broken heard.

Another thing special I experienced is that people suffering from cat allergies never had problems with Gino. Maine Coons have special oil, which coats their fur.

So if you are interested to buy a Maine Coon, be aware what you are going to do. This race lives almost twenty years. When your kids are grown up, the cat is still there and still trying to be your good friend.

Regine Hehn is a cats enthusiast and practitioner. She owns and maintains New Cat Care.

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