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Cat Treatments For Your Beloved Companion

Due to today's level of health consciousness, including a better awareness of the health of our pets, many pet owners are opting to take matters into their own hands and give cat treatments on their own. These tend to be of the home remedy sort of treatments, drawing on natural and herbal ingredients to promote better health for their pets and to treat minor ailments common in pet cats. Many of these ailments are easily treated with natural remedies and treatments and most importantly to today's health conscious pet owner; these remedies are largely free of the side effects which often accompany chemically based, synthetic medicines.

Cat treatments can range from the very simple, such as changes to your pet's diet to remove the sometimes harmful additives found in commercially produced cat foods from their bodies - you'd be surprised how downright harmful many of these pet foods can be; a lot of them would never pass muster with the FDA for human consumption! Another treatment is for a common complaint of house cats - urinary tract infections (also commonly a side effect of commercial pet foods). Cranberry treats can be given to your cat. Cranberries are a safe, all natural way to treat urinary tract infections; and since it comes in the form of a treat, your cat is sure to love taking their medicine!

All natural, herbal cat treatments are available for a variety of other feline health problems, such as worms and mites, skin irritations and allergies. These problems could be solved by a visit to your vet (expensive), a prescription medication for your cat (also expensive and possibly with side effects) or with natural remedies and herbs. Many of these same natural remedies for your cat can also promote overall good health for your pet to keep them healthier and happier. After all, we all prefer a happy pet, don't we?

Natural treatments and remedies for your cat's health and minor ailments are a great first step towards giving your pet a long, healthy, happy life. Of course, if your cat has a serious health problem, you should go to your veterinarian immediately and always consult with your vet before starting your cat on any program or regimen of supplements, even all natural ones. Better safe then sorry, especially when it comes to the health of your cat - of course, concern for your pet's health is what leads many pet owners to seek out natural cat treatments for their pet.

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