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What Kind of Food Should My Cat Eat?

It's a common question asked by cat owners, whether they have had cats all their lives or are just welcoming a cat into their home for the first time. The answer to this question seems simple enough: healthy food. However, it is not always as simple in practice as it may sound.

Living with a cat comes with a lot of responsibilities, chief among them being the feeding of your cat (and as you are probably well aware, your cat would certainly agree heartily with this sentiment). As I said earlier, healthy food is the answer to "what kind of food should my cat eat?" But commercially produced pet foods, including cat food is often not exactly healthy; some of it can even damage your cat's health! It can be difficult to know what to feed your cat, but the answer is certainly not in that small box or can at your corner convenience store. Avoid these kinds of mass marketed, industrially produced cat foods for starters.

When wondering what kind of food should my cat eat? You may want to consider going all-out and making your own pet foods at home; these will be made of ingredients you can see and pronounce, as such these will be inherently healthier than some byproduct and additive laden commercial cat food. A diet which is free of additives and made instead of healthy natural ingredients like meat (beef or chicken), small amounts of vegetables and natural supplements is far better for providing a long, happy and healthy life for you and your cat to enjoy together. Again, your cat would agree, but may still eye up that can of store-brand cat food enviously from time to time....

If you want to ensure good health for your feline friend; and certainly you do, since you are reading this article in the first place, think carefully about your cat's diet. Stay away from commercial cat foods and do your research on any brand of cat food which you are considering feeding to your beloved cat. The internet is a good place to research these cat foods and to see what other pet owners experience has been with any given brand. This way you can be sure that your cat's food will be beneficial, not harmful to their health. You can also consider a natural, homemade diet as an answer to the common question: what kind of food should my cat eat?

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