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Cat Urine - Your Newest Living Room Accessory

Cat urine. What a lovely addition to your carpeting! There are two basic reasons why your brand new carpet has been graced with parfum de cat urine: 1) Your cat is trying to tell you he has a medical issue that's causing him pain; or 2) your cat is marking. The first is physiological and the second is behavioral. Cat urine can be deposited on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Possible Medical Problems Behind Cat Urine

Often your cat will squat or spray cat urine practically right in front of you because he's trying to tell you that something's wrong. Medical reasons why cats deposit cat urine on walls or floors include:

  • Urinary tract infection. This is the most common ailment.
  • Clogged anal glands
Dogs aren't the only ones with anal glands! (Just be glad that humans don't have them, and that we don't have to get to know one another by sniffing each other's rear end!) Your cat's anal glands may become plugged over time, and he may need them expressed at the vet's. You don't want to be in the same room when it happens. Both ailments require a trip to the vet (your cat's very favorite pastime) and quite possibly antibiotics.

Cat Urine Marking Behaviors

Leaving cat urine on the carpet or walls is not Tuffy's way of misbehaving, being spiteful, or exhibiting jealousy. Here are the real reasons:

  • Not being spayed or neutered
If you have several cats and some of them aren't fixed, those who are fixed may spray cat urine in response to those who aren't. Also, Prissy Miss is just as likely to spray cat urine as Mr. Boy is.

  • Conflicts with other cats in the home
A cat may spray cat urine to establish dominance. The flip side of this cat urine coin is that the cat who is bullied may spray cat urine as a way to alleviate his anxiety. He may even be simply relieving his bladder if the dominant cat is aggressively defending the litter box as his own territory!

  • Encounters with outdoor animals
If your cat has encountered another cat while venturing outdoors, he may instinctively mark his indoor territory with cat urine when comes back in. Even if your cat never ventures outdoors, just seeing another cat near your home can trigger him to mark you hallways with cat urine.

  • New objects in the environment

When Tuffy graces your new boyfriend's shoes with his cat urine, he's not trying to tell you that this fellow doesn't pass cat-standards, he's simply marking some more territory. This is especially true if your new guy's shoes smell like another animal. It's important to note that punishing cat urine marking behavior is ineffective, even if you do it immediately following the incident. Your cat will be extremely confused, because he's simply trying to relieve pain or engage in perfectly natural instinctive behaviors.

Kate Rieger has been owned by 15+ cats and is a champion of spay and release for her feral cat neighbors. She is partnered with the Kentucky S.N.I.P clinic and together through adoptions, education programs and spay/neuter efforts, they provide affordable solutions to reducing the pet overpopulation crisis in the Kentuckiana region. While she would like to extend the concept of spay/neuter to some of the human population, she swears she's only into altering cats. Never one to be short on opinion, she is on good behavior during her speaking engagements at local schools, organizations, Fortune 100 companies, and on local and national radio talk shows.

Drop by and pick up a free copy of her eBook "111 Things You Don't Know That Could Harm Your Cat" that shows you how to protect your cat from conditions that could injure your cat. Pick up a copy and protect your cat today.

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