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Cats Home Alone - Caring, Care Tips

Cats, though appearing independent, sometimes aloof, are eager to interact with their human. Though famous for nap taking habits, they welcome being in the center of attention. A feline left often to his or her own devices is sure to be lonely.

1. Gone for the Day - Creature Comforts

While you are away for the day, climbing devices, scratching post and snoozing cubicles hold a cocoon diversion. Refillable catnip toys, retain pungent aroma. Comforting catnip filled play mats and a window ledge, help to pass a long day. And when you return, you will want to lavish your cat with attention and some play time. After all, she has been such a good kitty.

2. The Week-End Getaway

During your week-end away from home, your beloved feline still needs someone to check on her. Someone you trust may be a family member or friend, ideally someone your cat knows and trust. This visit will ensure your pet has adequate food, fresh water, and human interaction in your absence. This caring precaution will ensure your cat's well-being, and your peace of mind.

3. Longer Stay - Boarding

For most cats, territorial to their own environment, boarding is stressful. A short stay, and your timely return, as they become familiar with this new experience, may lessen some of the separation anxiety. You may choose a cats only facility, especially if there are no dog members in the family.

Boarding at my cat, Cloe's vet, is a cat's only, spic and span clean stay-over. There is a choice of one or two compartments. Two is ideal, with a walk-through. There is storage beneath for personal kitty stuff. You can bring your cat's own food, litter, toys and other essentials. Each cat is required to be current on immunizations and have suitable flea treatment.

4. In Home - Petsitter

Your pet can stay in her own surroundings amid her own creature comforts. She will miss you but her world will not be as compromised. Check the references of a service or petsitter. Require a mutual understanding of how often a day the sitter visits, and the amount of time to be spent with your cat. Make sure the specific needs of your kitty is understood. You may want a friend or neighbor, to have a key, as a backup to be sure all is well.

5. Stay Home

This is the number one preference of your feline. Her life will not be disrupted, and her self-esteem will be intact. No one knows her like you, her greeting "meows" and affection.

Having not stayed away from home overnight in 4 years, my getaways are "day trips." My cat is adorned with extra attention prior to my departure and on my return. My cat has me trained well. Oh, but maybe ~ this year.

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