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Five Benefits You Can Get From Toilet Training Your Cat

There was a time when using cat litter boxes was a popular way for cat owners to get rid of cat stool. It's still popular, but these days more and more cat owners are beginning to teach their cats how to use the toilet as another and much better option for their cats. If you are a cat owner yourself, you might have heard about it as well. But why is it a better choice than using cat litters and what could be the benefits you can get from teaching your cat to use the toilet?

1. It will help you save money on cat litters.

Teaching your cat how to use the toilet means you will not have to spend money on cat litters anymore. Think about it. If your cat is still using cat litter that means you need $175 for it every year, which could be higher if you have so many cats at home. That will go higher if your cat lives for 10 or 15 years.

So, it is clear to see that toilet training your cat will help you save thousands on cat litter in the long run and for years to come.

2. You will have a much cleaner house, free from unwanted smell.

One of the worst things a cat owner faces when getting rid of cat stool is the smell the litter leaves after the cat defecates. But if you know how to potty train your cat, you will not have to anymore clean up the litter and you will not have to worry about the unwanted smell in your house.

3. A much more hygienic alternative

Cat owners know that cat litter boxes only serve as a temporary place where cats dump their litter. After use, they will need to clean up the boxes for sanitary purposes.

If you are too lazy to clean up the cat litter boxes, you know you and your family will face the risk of being exposed to the bacteria brought on by the cat litter. Aside from that, small children and other pets at home might also play with the boxes and cats might track their litter around the house.

4. A safer choice

A lot of cat litter boxes contain harmful chemicals and silicon which might be dangerous top your cat's health if ingested. They could suffer from digestive health problems, or worse, might die.

5. Toilet training your cat is environmentally-friendly.

Not only will you avoid spending too much on cat litter boxes, you will also avoid using sands and clay that were stripped off from a large land that was merely downgraded for commercial purposes.

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