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Finally a Good Self Cleaning Litter Box

The littermaid self cleaning litter box I bought is the greatest item I own.

Let me tell you a little story.

I own two cats who are both snobs about the brand of cat litter they use. Frequently they scratch the litter and poop out of the box and around the room. It was annoying to clean up after until a co-worker told me to buy a covered litter box. It seemed to be helpful at keeping the pet litter in the box. Soon it became a lot of work to unattach the lid whenever I wanted to scoop the litter box. A good friend advised me to look on the internet to get an automatic litter box. I didn't know that kind of product was available. Later that week I looked up several types of self cleaning litter boxes and I made a list to bring to with me to the pet store. I searched through four shops and then I finally found one. I can't recall the type of litterbox that I purchased. It was simple to put together and was battery operated. The cats didn't like how it looked, and they seemed to be scared of the loud noise it made when it raked the litter. A week later the cats started to use the new box. Three weeks later the self cleaning litter box stopped working. I phoned the store I bought it from and they wouldn't replace it for me.

Next I bought an automatic litter box from ScoopFree. They didn't want to use this box because the cat litter had a strange smell. My cats decided not to use this new box and started going to the bathroom where ever they wanted. I had decided against self cleaning litter boxes , but then I saw a commercial for a different one. It was sold by Littermaid and the ad was very convincing. I assembled it in under five minutes and I could use normal pet litter in this box. The cats loved it. I've been using it for about three years and it is still working. I will recommend to all cat owners that they should buy a self cleaning litter box to make their life easier the way only an automatic litter box can.

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