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Trimming Cat Claws

Regularly trimming cat claws is not hard at all and in fact it's really easy. Before you run off trying to trim your cat claws there are some things that you must know in order to trim your cat claws. It's a real easy and pleasant routine and you don't have to worry about your cat scratching up your house!

Trimming Cat Claws Step By Step


The first thing you need to do is to get your cat use to you squeezing her paws and just make sure you don't go any faster than your cat will let you. It will just make you cat uncomfortable with this whole procedure, but cats tend to love new things or give your cat a treat and I am sure they will become a little more comfortable. So let's talk about how this is done step by step.

Step By Step Instructions

Make sure you have a pair of sharp clippers and a nice bright light; this will help you out a lot. Now you do have choices on which clippers you want to use, but some people just prefer specially made cat clippers. Which you can get at just about any pet store and others use regular human nail clippers, but it really doesn't matter either will work affectively.

Step 1

Find a nice comfortable place to sit and make sure you and your cat are comfortable. Some people choose to sit but you can also get on your knees behind the cat, but its really up to you so get comfy and make sure you have a treat as a reward in plain view of the cat.

Step 2

Okay now we want to secure your cat from behind and put her gently between your knees (I don't recommend sitting until you and your cat is are really comfortable), take the a front paw in you left hand but if you are left handed do the opposite. Before you start make sure your cat is in a okay position and you are relaxed.

Step 3

Now you that the paw is in your left hand put your thumb on top of your cats paw and place to or more fingers underneath it. Slowly and gently squeeze on the pad area to extend the claws, believe me this will make everything much easier.

Step 4

Once the claws are extended you want to pay close attention to it or you will end up with a bloody mess. Examine the claw closely (this is what the light is for) and you will see a pink area in the center of the nail, this is a blood vessel, and it will bleed if you nick it. You want to about a inch from it.

Step 5

Holding the cats paw in one hand place the clippers in the other and make sure you can clearly see the claw. Now clip off the tip of the claw and make sure you don't cut into the cats vessel(quick) and your done with that one.

Step 6

After every claw that you cut give you cat a treat and some kind words and this will help relax you and the cat which is a good thing, and Just repeat steps 3 to 6 until finished.

Step 7

If all is well with your cat after the first paw, continue until every claw on your cat has been clipped. If your cat is comfortable and compliant, continue until the nails on both front feet have been clipped. Make sure you clip all the claws, you will be surprised how many people miss a claw. If your cat just will not let you acts up don't worry about it; you can just cut a claw a day!

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