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How to Cat Care - The Realities of Cat Training in Ten Minutes

A new cat is always an exciting adventure. First things first, though. What about that naughty behavior. Should a cat attend obedience classes? Actually, there really is no need to. With the right training, your cat can become a well behaved addition to your loving family.

So training is obviously, the first step. How does cat training in 10 minutes sound? Teach your feline friend everything he will need to know in ten short minutes. Three hundred and sixty seconds of intense training and all will be well.

Now let's get serious. Cat training in ten minutes sounds good on paper, but let's face it. Training is all about consistency and reinforcement. One thing that will make cat training a lot easier is the use of cat training aids. The following training aids are lovely ways to improve behavior, characteristics, and that all-too-up front curious "style".

First of all, the cat must be taught to eat only in their food trays to avoid begging continuously or having them pilfer food straight from the dining table. These trays should be placed far from the dinner table. It will also help you to remember to feed the cat prior to dinner. They sleep after they eat so while you are snacking, the cat will be snoozing.

The scratching post is a well known addition to any cat household. It is part of the nature of the cat to claw; however, this absolutely should not be tolerated, at least not in its natural sense. It can be very damaging to the furniture and slowly, but surely, destroy your home. This can be easily resolved by providing scratching posts for cats to claw on instead of the furniture. This is an easy fix to a potentially big problem!

Liquid repellent can also be used to keep cats from scratching on certain furniture. The taste of such repellents on the cat's paws is so terrible that the cat will learn to stop scratching...eventually. Remember, consistency is the key. So get with it!

Training the cat with these aids will still require patience and consistency. Again, this is no form of "cat training in ten minutes". The thing to remember is that cat training in 10 minutes simply does not exist, so put that myth out of your head.

Cats, like most animals, will require training to be incorporated into their daily lives. Despite this, it is worth all the efforts. The good behavior of the cat is reward enough. You should own the cat as well!

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