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Cat Declawing - Inhumane Barbaric And Totally Unnecessary

If a young infant child was pulling at the sofas, tearing edges on the wall paper, making marks on worktops and tables and just generally causing his fair share of havoc. Would you even consider surgically removing the ends of his fingers?

Of course not, yet in today's so called civilized western society, the practice of cat declawing isn't even something that is talked about in hushed circles. It is a legitimate and legal medical practice. With so many alternatives to cat declawing and with the knowledge and skill of experienced trainers of cat behaviour. This practice of declawing cats should have died out a while ago and gotten banned as well just for good measure.

Why cat declaw in the first place?

I should imagine that any individual who wishes or has in actual fact declawed their cat, is the sort of person who wants their perfect house to look and shine like one of those show rooms in catalogues and tv. A house so perfect and static that even the cat, a lovable little force of nature, with all his unpredictable quirks, cannot be out of place. Why not get him stuffed while you are at it. That way there really is no room for chance.

What is cat declawing?

To put it simply, when a cat is declawed, to make sure the surgical procedure is effective, the surgeon will not only remove the claw and its root but he will also remove the first joint of each toe, to ensure no chance of claw regrowth can take place. This is the same as chopping the first joint of each hand and toe off of a human. Now try to imagine the continual pain and discomfort a cat experiences trying to walk, after a cat has been declawed. The whole procedure is sick and barbaric and if your concern is because of your cat scratching, their are lots of alternatives to cat declawing

Why a cat Scratches?

In short, the main reasons for a cat scratching are not because it wants to give you a headache. It is simply doing what it is genetically bred to do: Mark its territory, sharpen and trim its claws, stretch and exercise all the tendons and toes connected to its claws and generally go through the day to day motions of being a cat.

Channelling your cats need to scratch

Pet shops are full to the brim with useful items that can channel your cats need to claw and scratch. The best one simply has to be a scratching post. They are cheap, durable and will last a long time if you buy one of good quality. If you find your cat will not initially take to the scratch post, try sprinkling a little cat nip (also available at pet stores) on the post and watch him attack the thing with unknown zest. Cats are helpless to the powers of cat nip and pretty soon it will make a lasting association to the post and clawing.

Never think you don't have alternatives to cat declawing. There are so many.

There are countless alternatives to cat declawing with highly trained experts in cat behaviour who will offer you not only a humane alternative to cat declawing but one that is a hell of a lot cheaper.

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