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How To Stop Cats From Biting You

Cat owners would sometimes complain their cats bite them, and are wondering if this is an aggressive behavior they should control.

Cats bite for many reasons. Not all cats bite out of aggression. Some bite because they are being playful with their owners, and it is a way to show their affection to them. Others bite because they do not want to be petted anymore by their owners, it is a way of telling their owners not to pet them anymore.

Others bite, especially the owners' hands, because they mistake the owners' hands for toys. If this happens, you should move your hand away and stop petting them or give them a toy to play with. Whatever you do, always remember not to encourage your cat to bite your hand or else this habit will be ingrained in their behavior until it becomes too hard to control.

Another reason why cats aggressively bite is because they are being petted in some of the most sensitive parts of their body. Cats love to be petted on the head, which is not a sensitive part, so you can pet them on the head and gradually move your hand farther down the torso slowly until they get used to it. Just remember not to rush it or else she will aggressively bite you all of a sudden.

In conclusion, cats bite not because they are being aggressive all the time. They just do it either because they want to show affection, or because they are protecting themselves from being petted or touched in their sensitive body areas.

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