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How To Teach Your Cat To Use The Litter Box

One of the cat owners' pet peeves when it comes to their cats is to get them to use a litter box to do their business. After all, a cat that leaves their litter in some places at home leaves an unwanted smell around the house, and is not nice to the children and other pets at home.

One convenient way to solve this problem is by using a litter box. With a litter box, the cat simply dumps the litter on it and cover it with sand, which will be disposed of later by the owner.

To get your cat to use a litter box, you must first observe their behavior before they relieve themselves. Cats are actually clean yet shy animals. They walk around sniffing the ground first before relieving themselves in a place nobody sees them, and after they do their business they like to dump their stool with sand or something similar.

If you see this behavior and feel your cat is about to relieve herself, you must place her in the litter box. It will take some time before she adjusts to this new behavior, but keep doing it so she will know that this is a new habit she must learn. You should also remember to keep the litter box clean because she will not use it if it's filled with too many litters. Place the litter box in a place where she usually stays before she relieves herself so she would know that's the place to go to when doing her business.

Teaching a cat to use a cat litter box is not that hard, nor is it easy. Just remember that it will take some time to get her used to a new habit, so keep observing her behavior and remember to place her in the litter box if you feel she will relieve herself.

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